Final Event



Aims of the final event:

  1. To disseminate the findings and recommendations of the Green infrastructure and the Health and wellbeing Influences on an Ageing population (GHIA) project to research users in Greater Manchester and beyond
  2. To showcase tools and methodologies developed in the project
  3. To assist with the take-up of findings
  4. To understand what else we need to know


Our final report Nature and Ageing Well in Towns and Cities: Why the Natural Environment Matters for Healthy Ageing was launched at the event and can be downloaded here. As well as project findings and overall recommendations, the report provides a set of recommendations for residents and for people working in different sectors of policy and practice. 

Plenary presentations

  • Headlines from the GHIA project – What’s the story? Prof Sarah Lindley, University of Manchester.
  • Deep-dive thematic talks
    • Values and valuation of urban green infrastructure for health and wellbeing in later life. Prof John O’Neill, University of Manchester. 
    • Local health status is linked to the quantity, quality and proximity of green infrastructure. Prof Penny Cook, University of Salford.
    • Evaluating the observable impact of urban green space on older adults’ physical activity and wellbeing. Prof David French, University of Manchester. 
    • Shrub-level planting is linked to lower summer exposures to ultra-fine particle concentrations. Dr Matthew Dennis, University of Manchester.
    • Reconnect dementia walks to nature. Prof Philip James, University of Salford
    • Motivations for engagement with green infrastructure in later life. Dr Jenna Ashton & Prof Chris Phillipson, University of Manchester.

Afternoon Sessions

  • Breakout Sessions I – Learning more through interactive sessions
    • Art in the Park: Francine Hayfron, Whitworth Art Gallery
    • Creative Methods for Researching Nature and Ageing: Dr Jenna Ashton & Dr Becca Taylor, University of Manchester
    • Deliberative Valuation Exercise: Professor John O’Neill and Dr Annie Austin, University of Manchester
    • Exploring the Needs, Provision & Value of Green Infrastructure for Older People with the GHIA Online Map Tools: Dr Gina Cavan, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Breakout Sessions II –Transferability of findings & methods. We are producing notes and actions from these sessions. 
    • Green Infrastructure:  Prof Sarah Lindley & Dr Gina Cavan
    • Arts and Heritage: Dr Jenna Ashton & Dr Becca Taylor
      • Introduction by Francine Hayfron, the Whitworth
    • Ageing and Health & Wellbeing: Prof Penny Cook & Dr Matthew Dennis

Visual Minutes from the Day