Work Package 4

Participatory Valuation

There are many problems with existing valuation methods and a need for alternatives that can include the variety of values at stake. This Work Package will explore the use and development of participatory forms of valuation. We will use procedures such as Deliberative Mapping (DM) that combine multi-criteria analysis with participatory and deliberative approaches to valuation in order to explore and consider different evidence surrounding a particular policy issue with many different economic, social, ethical and scientific dimensions. The approach puts an emphasis on collaborative and inclusive debate of issues which are framed by public values. It will be complemented by the use of Q-methodology to examine the different languages of valuation that inform older people’s engagement with green spaces and those of service provider and local authority experts.

Planned outputs:

  1. A set of accessible representations of the different dimensions of well-being affected by GI in collaboration with Work Packages 1, 5 and 6.
  2. An accessible summary of key concerns of monetary valuation suitable for policy and public audiences.
  3. A manual for developing and using participatory and equitable forms of valuation in local government settings in the UK.