Work Package 5

Mapping the needs, provision and value of green and blue spaces for older people

Many analyses of green and blue spaces’ benefits rely on the development and completion of ‘master lists’ which rate relative importance. These are limited in terms of practitioner requirements, due to the poor representation of the spatial and temporal dimensions through which values need to be understood. This Work Package is central to the synthesis of research findings from Work Packages 1-4 and connection to Work Package 6. Drawing on Work Package 1, it will develop new spatial methodologies for the representation of the different data types used in this proposal and how they can be used to generate new information. They will also be used to understand inequalities in provision and need. Many innovative approaches are emerging to tackle similarly multi-dimensional and complex issues to those at the heart of this proposal. This Work Package will review these alongside more established Public Participatory GIS (PPGIS) models to develop the basis of the Work Package 6 mapping tool to be developed during 2018.

Planned outputs:

  1. A set of maps suitable for hosting on the web mapping tool.
  2. A set of methods and analytical procedures for replication of the methodology.